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Meet Xue Li, Intern

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We are all aware that a wide range of factors in our lives can have an impact on our emotions. Examples include the biopsychosocial aspects of emotion, which include things like lack of sleep, stressful situations, pain, and illness, as well as cognitive processing, which includes both conscious and unconscious activities like perception, memory, and reasoning. Next, a crucial question arises: “How can we manage the dysregulated emotional state?”


To increase our effectiveness at work and in our personal relationships in order to better our long-term well-being and general health. The issue of managing the dysregulated emotional state thus becomes vital. My interest and passion in understanding emotions, how people may better process and control their emotions, and how to support those going through an emotional crisis have become more aware.

李雪(Xue Li),毕业于康复与心理健康辅导硕士,目前就读于康复咨询教育博士在伊利诺伊理工大学 (Illinois Institude of Techonogy). 观察到很多华人学生因对美国医疗系统的不了解而不知道如何及时的获得合适及专业的精神心理疏导。我希望为华人学生提供中英双语心理治疗,注重来访者的文化背景差异并跨越语言障碍,从而为每一位感兴趣的来访者提供相关的咨询服务。



“The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of suffering.”– Ram Dass

In my sessions, I use a number of therapeutic strategies to assist people to reframe negative thought patterns, acquiring relaxation techniques to help them calm down, empowering them to stay strong during emotional crises, and creating their own coping mechanisms.


In order to enable people to develop resilience and make more thoughtful decisions in life, I want to create a professional and safe environment where people may express their overwhelming emotions in a way that is more manageable. Depending on the patient's presenting concerns and treatment objectives, I use an evidence-based, individualized approach and integration model in my practice, incorporating several therapeutic modalities like CBT, DBT, ACT, and MI in treatment intervention, which allow people to identify, express, and work on their emotions.

At Bodhi Counseling & Consulting we promote the values of diversity, equality, inclusion, and justice. Our therapists are LGBTQ+ affirming and always strive to maintain and grow our cultural competence.


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