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The Climate Café

Join us for a Climate Café Wednesday, July 12th, 7-8:30 (CT) pm online!

Our very own Kate Maurer, LCPC will be facilitating with other climate concerned therapists.

For many of us, recent experiences of smoke from Canadian wildfires have made it harder to ignore the realities of climate change. But where can we turn with our concerns and feelings? Climate Cafés offer an informal space to share emotional responses and reactions related to climate issues. They help participants find relief and connection around concerns that often seem difficult to discuss. This is not psychotherapy, but more like a community gathering that offers space for our emotions and experiences. This July climate cafe is open to anyone who is interested--so feel free to refer clients, family, friends, or yourself! The $10 requested fee will be donated to climate advocacy organizations. Sign up here! We are a group of Illinois psychotherapists who care deeply about the climate emergency. We facilitate these cafés as a form of support and solidarity, as we all learn to work together toward a better future.


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