Melanie Sivley, the owner of Bodhi Counseling and Consulting, has been a licensed clinical social worker for over 12 years. As such, she feels comfortable offering supervision to new clinicians working towards their clinical degree. She specializes in offering trauma therapy and dissociation.


Melanie is an certified EMDR therapist and a consultant in training who provides EMDR consultation in pursuit of certification both in groups and individually.


Melanie has extensive experience working with clients who have severe trauma and dissociation, including dissociation disorders.


While she loves working with clients, Melanie has also developed a passion for mentoring and supervision of other new clinicians. Melanie typically integrates an ego-state, mindfulness, & EMDR, however she works with each individual therapist to provide a space for growth of their own therapeutic approach.

The cost for supervision is $150 per session.