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Unlock Your Potential

Workshops for Personal Growth
and Professional Success

Discover Powerful Insights and Practical Strategies
for Transformative Growth 

We proactively engage in efforts to enlighten the local Champaign communities about matters concerning mental health and well-being. We welcome the opportunity to arrange 

a workshop presentation for your community group through an alternative approach.


Upcoming Workshops in 2024

Social Media and Social Anxiety

In this workshop, we’ll explore the two-way relationship between social media consumption and social anxiety. We’ll discuss the impacts that they have on each other as well as developing healthier ways of navigating social media and understanding how it affects you.

Navigating Breakups: Relationships, Friendships, and Family

Having a relationship end can be a jarring and difficult experience to sit with. This workshop will seek to explore challenging feelings that may be hard to name, processing and accepting the breakup, and what moving forward can look like for you.


A Healthy Work-Life Balance

The allure of “hustle culture” has resulted in many people sacrificing many aspects of their health for their career, including eating habits, sleep, and interpersonal interaction. The aim of this workshop is to explore ways of pursuing career success without compromising your wellbeing. 

Self-kindness and Introspection

While being self-aware can be an incredibly useful skill to make use of, being too self-critical can be more detrimental than helpful. In this presentation, we’ll go over healthy ways of practicing mindfulness as well as ways of embodying both introspection and self-kindness.

Boundaries and Boundary Violations

Boundaries can be challenging to set and maintain with others and even ourselves. The goal of this workshop will be to discuss the general structure of boundaries as well as productive ways of navigating boundary violations.


​How to Tell If Therapy is Right for You

Have you had interest in starting therapy but aren’t sure if it would work for you? This workshop aims to present useful information to be mindful of during consideration, including how to navigate insurance, finding a compatible therapist, and identifying how therapy can fit your needs.​


Existentialism and Meaning: Achieving the Goals that Matter

Have you ever felt stagnant in the overall progress of your life, or felt trapped in a career or relationship you wanted to leave deep down? This presentation will explore the philosophy of existentialism and how to apply it towards identifying and pursuing the goals that are authentically aligned with your core values

Features & Benefits

Discover a world of advantages and possibilities through our workshops,

where a myriad of benefits and features await you.

Gain Valuable Insights

Dive deep into topics such as trauma-informed leadership, resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-care to gain valuable insights that will enhance your personal and professional life. 

practical strategies photo
Practical Strategies

Learn practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied to navigate challenges, enhance well-being, and improve relationships in both personal and professional settings.

guidance photo
Expert Guidance

Benefit from our staff's extensive experience and expertise in trauma-informed approaches, ensuring a transformative learning experience that is grounded in evidence-based practices.

interactive photo
Interactive and Engaging

Engage in interactive sessions, group discussions, and experiential exercises that promote self-reflection, growth, and connection with like-minded individuals. 

personalized approach photo
Personalized Approach

Each workshop is tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of  participants, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. 

Your Workshop Facilitator

Sean-Michael Green, LPC

Bodhi Counseling & Consulting Therapist

(708) 725-0807

100 Trade Center Drive, Suite 302

Champaign, Illinois 61820


Unlock Success with the Bodhi Team

Elevate your business, college, or wellness workshops to a whole new level by

harnessing Sean's engaging presentations. Contact us now to secure Sean for

your upcoming event and ensure your attendees walk away inspired and empowered.

Thank you for your interest, we'll get back to you soon!

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