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Rates and


Standard Rates​

Initial Session (Assessment) - $250

Individual and Couples Sessions - $200

Reduced rates are available for self-pay clients who pay at time of service.


At this time we accept: Blue Cross & Blue Shield (PPO), Health Alliance,  Aetna, and UIUC student insurance (United Health).

Please verify benefits with your insurance company before our first session. Make sure you know that sessions will be covered.


Ask your insurance how much your deductible is. You are required to pay your deductible before your insurance will pay for any services.


Find out how much your co-pays will cost. This is your out of pocket cost for every session (after your deductible is paid).​ You will be liable for the cost of any services rendered not covered by your insurance.

Check out this blog post to learn more about working with your insurance.

Helpful Tips​

We are considered an out-of-network provider for most insurance companies. Many insurance plans do provide some coverage for out-of-network mental/behavioral health services.


If your insurance will reimburse you for out of network providers, we recommend using the app Reimbursify to make getting reimbursed simpler and easier. Although they will take a percent of the reimbursement, it often takes the headache out of dealing with insurance companies.

​If you would like to use your insurance benefits for therapy, please contact your insurance company and ask the following questions:

  • Do I have out-of-network benefits for individual therapy?

  • Is there a deductible that I have to meet before I start receiving insurance benefits to see my out-of-network therapist?

  • After the deductible is met, how much of the session fee will my insurance cover? What is my company? 

  • Is pre-authorization required?

  • Is there a limit on the number of sessions insurance will pay for?

University of Illinois Student Insurance​

Undergraduate clients have a $250 deductible and graduate clients have a $150 deductible, which is your initial out-of-pocket payment before your insurance company covers any of our services. Please be aware-there is always the possibility that this will change without our being aware. As always, we encourge you to double check this information.

After the deductible is paid for, undergraduates and graduates will have a 20% copay of $40/session, which is your out-of-pocket cost for each session. The remaining costs for each session will be covered by your insurance.

At Bodhi, we're committed to supporting you on your journey to healing and wholeness.

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