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College Students

It is often said that college is the ‘best time of your life’, although it can certainly be an amazing experience, there is also no denying that it comes with a ton of pressures and stressors along the way. 

College is hard! From transitioning to a new environment and young adulthood, to living on your own. Finding a balance between your social life, academic obligations, internships and more can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. The stress of trying to find your career path and achieve your goals.  Learning new skills, navigating new and old relationships and the uncertainty about your future.

We are here for you. You can learn to navigate this period of your life successfully! At Bodhi Counseling, our staff will provide a compassionate, safe and confidential space to receive the help you need. 

College campus

With hardships comes the opportunity to grow and move forward! Some of the common challenges we help students navigate include: 


Whether it’s general, social, testing and/or performance anxiety, we can work together to find ways to manage your anxiety in order to encourage and maintain your success in school.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, along with other techniques are useful.


Trauma can manifest from painful experiences and situations including sexual assault, abusive relationships, bullying and additional stressful experiences from your past. In these cases, EMDR therapy is well suited to help you heal and move on from your past traumas.


Finding ways to balance your social, academic, and work life while striving towards academic success is stressful but an inevitable part of the college experience. Nonetheless, the stress of it all can be harmful for you. We can teach you coping skills to help you manage and take control of common college stressors.

Life Transitions

From learning how to be independent, to laying out your academic plans for the next four years, navigating college life can be rough. The pressures of knowing what to major in or what to do post-graduation can also be anxiety-inducing. We can help guide you through your college journey as you grow.


The major life changes that come with transitioning into college and young adulthood can certainly take a toll on your mental health. Under that dark cloud of confusion, loneliness, anxiety, remember that with help there are ways to learn how to feel good and enjoy life again.

If Bodhi Counseling is the right fit for you, be sure to check if your insurance company covers sessions with us. At this time we accept Blue Cross & Blue Shield of IL (PPO) and Health Alliance. As well as U of I student insurance.

Under U of I student insurance:

Undergraduate clients have a $250 deductible and graduate clients have a $150 deductible, which is your initial out-of-pocket payment before your insurance company covers any of our services.

After the deductible is paid for, undergraduates and graduates will have a 20% copay of $35/week, which is your out-of-pocket cost for each session. The remaining costs for each session will be covered by your insurance company.

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