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Anxiety is something people often struggle with. We all may feel we are alone in our anxious thoughts, but we aren't! The worksheets in this packet will help you learn about the different aspects of your anxiety as well as give you tips and recommendations for managing the different aspects! You may struggle with general anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, or even panic disorders; this packet will help you manage those anxieties, causing you to feel freer and less anxious. overwhelmed! You are not alone in this struggle but that doesn't mean you have to struggle for the rest of your life. There are skills you can learn and effective interventions that can help you manage your anxiety! This packet includes many different options and resources for you to pick and choose what works best for you and your anxiety!

Item is a PDF file, 8.5"x11" paper size -

Not for commercial use. Personal or professional use only. You are welcome to use it to educate and teach your clients or students. You may print it out and distribute it to your clients or students but please do not resell, reproduce, or distribute it by electronic means.

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The worksheets in the packet include:

Anxiety Jar:
This worksheet is a space for you to place all of your worrisome or anxious thoughts. Constantly having negative thoughts taking over your mind can be overwhelming, allow yourself to let go of them and place them in a jar!

Anxiety Education:
This sheet gives your statistics and facts about anxiety. Many people who struggle with anxious thoughts feel like they are the only person that feels this way and nothing can be done to make it better. This sheet gives you hope and comfort, knowing that you are not alone and there are treatment options!

Types of Anxiety:
This sheet explains the difference between panic disorder and generalized anxiety. Understanding the difference can help you with treatment options as well as finding coping mechanisms that will work for you!

Social Anxiety:
This sheet explains what social anxiety is, the possible symptoms, as well as possible effective interventions! This sheet is very useful for those who struggle with social anxiety!

This sheet explains the difference between social phobia and specific phobias as well as the symptoms that go along with them! This sheet is very helpful in understanding that what you are going through is not just something you have to deal with! There are effective interventions!

My Anxiety:
This worksheet is an opportunity for you to recognize the different aspects of your anxiety and how they are affecting you in different ways. This worksheet is very helpful for those who struggle with triggers and anxious thoughts!

Mapping my Anxiety:
This worksheet is an opportunity for you to break down your triggers/anxious thoughts as well as give your mind an opportunity to think about more positive things. Not only are there spaces to help you navigate your anxiety and manage your anxious thoughts, but it also gives you spaces to write down things you are grateful for and things you have accomplished!

Useful Coping Skills:
This sheet gives you four different coping skills that can help with your anxiety. All four of the coping skills may not work for you and that’s okay! Everyone is different and everyone navigates their anxiety differently.

Schedule your Worry Time:
This sheet explains the benefits of scheduling your worry time. Rather than worrying all the time and it getting in the way of your everyday life, you may find it helpful to allow yourself specific times to worry. This sheet explains how you can do that in a healthy way!

4/7/8 Breathing:
This sheet explains the 4/7/8 breathing technique. This technique is very useful because it allows your mind and body to relax. You can use this technique in your everyday life even when you don’t have the worksheet handy!

Cognitive Distortions:
This sheet explains all of the cognitive distortions, their definitions, and examples of them.

Anxiety Workbook