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Gratitude may feel like something you experience every day, but have you ever stopped and actually written down what you're grateful for? Working through your thoughts, feeling, and emotions is exactly what these worksheets have been created for. Bodhi Counseling & Consulting is proud to add a gratitude section of worksheets for you to sit down, think, and carefully write out what you are grateful for. Some of the worksheets include Gratitude Bingo, A thank you note, A self-appreciation letter, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Item is a PDF file, 8.5"x11" paper size -

Not for commercial use, personal or professional use only. You are welcome to use it to educate and teach your clients or students. You may print it out and distribute it to your clients or students but please do not resell, reproduce, or distribute it by electronic means.

* No physical product or print will be shipped. This is an instant digital download product. *

The final printing of the artwork will be determined by the quality of the printer and either the paper or cardstock that you choose.

Please keep in mind that colors on a monitor may vary slightly from how they appear in person or how they display on a viewing device to another due to the color calibration of your device or monitor. For the most visually stunning final results, I recommend printing the pages using high-quality paper, such as card stock.

The worksheets include:

ABC’s of Awesomeness:
When you’re feeling down, use this worksheet as a space for you to write down different things that you find awesome or make you feel awesome. Utilize the different letters in the alphabet to your advantage with this worksheet.

ABC’s of Gratitude:
This worksheet is an opportunity for you to list things you are grateful for, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. This worksheet is yours so make it as personal to you as you would like! You can also keep the completed worksheet in a safe place so you have access to it in the future!

Daily Reminder:
This worksheet consists of daily reminders. These reminders are meant to remind you that you are loved, in control, and have the ability to achieve your aspirations.

Encouragement Stickies:
This worksheet consists of multiple encouraging reminders in the form of sticky notes. Use these stickies to your advantage and remind yourself that all of them are true and important! If you’d like, you can also write these reminders on actual sticky notes and place them in a place you will see multiple times a day!

Grateful Journal:
This worksheet consists of a formatted letter you may write to yourself that can either encourage you at the moment or you can save it for a future time you are in need of encouragement but don’t have the energy or space to write!

Gratitude Thank You Letter:
This worksheet is formatted as a thank-you letter. You can write a thank you letter to your past self, present self, future self, or to someone else! This sheet is meant for you and you can use it however you would like!

Gratitude Activity:
This worksheet is designed to highlight things that you are grateful for. You can do this worksheet and save it as a reminder to yourself or you can complete the worksheet every day in order to continue to find things that you are grateful for!

Gratitude BINGO:
This worksheet is designed to help you take all of the time and space you need to care for yourself. With the formatting, you should be able to accomplish 4-5 self-care activities. This sheet is also designed so you have the ability to choose which activities resonate with you the most!

Self Appreciation Letter:
The worksheet is meant to help you learn to appreciate yourself. You can do this when you’re feeling anxious, sad, depressed, or even thankful. Overall, this sheet should be completed whenever you feel like it would be beneficial for you to hear some kind words from yourself. Be honest and don’t hold back, it is an amazing feeling to open your heart and appreciate everything that you have to offer and everything that you have accomplished! Try not to compare yourself to others, write about what you appreciate about yourself and the beautiful person you are and have become.

Gratitude Workbook