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Grounding is extremely helpful when you are struggling with overwhelming, anxious, intrusive, depressive thoughts, or dissociation. These worksheets are meant to teach you about grounding and provide techniques related to grounding both your mind and body. Everyone gets stuck in their heads sometimes and this packet is very helpful for those who want to take control of their thoughts and allow themselves to relax! Not every technique will work for every person in every situation, but you can take the techniques and worksheets that resonate you to help you learn how to ground yourself!

Item is a PDF file, 8.5"x11" paper size -

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The worksheets in the packet include:

What is Grounding:
This worksheet explains what grounding is, when to use it, and why it is useful. This worksheet is informational and can help you get a better understanding of the technique of grounding! Use this sheet as a reminder of why you are grounding yourself!

5 Senses Grounding:
This worksheet guides you through the 5 senses grounding technique. It also provides spaces for you to write in the things you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste! It also provides recommendations for you to get the most out of this technique!

Category Naming:
This sheet provides different categories that you can use to ground yourself! It provides instructions for what to do with the categories and 12 categories to choose from!

Body Awareness Practices:
This sheet provides 5 different exercises that you can do to ground yourself that all revolve around relaxing your body! A lot of the time, when we are feeling intense feelings of sadness or anxiety, we hold the stress in our bodies. Allow yourself to relax and become less tense!

Ways You Can Practice Grounding:
This sheet provides 6 ways that you can practice grounding! Not every technique will work for you and that’s okay! Don’t stop trying! You deserve to relax your mind and body!

2-4-6-8-10 Grounding Exercise:
This sheet provides instructions to a grounding exercise that can help you reorient yourself to the present moment. There are times when all of us get stuck in our minds and struggle to bring ourselves back to reality. This sheet provides an opportunity for you to get out of that headspace in just a few minutes.

Grounding Yourself with Water:
This sheet explains the benefits of water when it comes to the grounding technique. It includes both outdoor and indoor instructions and recommendations!

Grounding with Counting:
This sheet provides you with 6 ways you can ground yourself with counting! Counting can be very helpful when you are looking to bring yourself back to the present moment because it distracts your mind from the negative thoughts you are having!

Grounding with Tastes:
This worksheet explains the benefits of taste when you are looking to calm your anxious thoughts. Tastes can be really helpful when you want to ground yourself and this worksheet allows you to find items to carry with you to calm your thoughts and ground you by tasting!

Grounding with Smells
This worksheet explains the benefits of scents when you are trying to ground yourself! It includes recommendations and spots for you to write in what is most helpful to you. It also includes a space for you to write different things you can carry with you at all times to help ground you when you are not at home!

Grounding Workbook