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Research shows that habit tracking is very powerful because of the visual cue that it creates to help motivate you to continue tracking. By tracking your habits, you are able to hold yourself accountable and keep focusing on your goals. Habits and routines are very useful in self-care because they allow you to change your perspective and stay focussed on yourself!

These worksheets are excellent for anyone wanting to supplement therapy or to educate themselves or others about some of the key concepts on how to manage stress, anxiety & depression through coping skills.

Item is a PDF file, 8.5"x11" paper size -

Not for commercial use, personal or professional use only. You are welcome to use it to educate and teach your clients or students. You may print it out and distribute it to your clients or students but please do not resell, reproduce, or distribute it by electronic means.

* No physical product or print will be shipped. This is an instant digital download product. *

The final printing of the artwork will be determined by the quality of the printer and either the paper or cardstock that you choose.

Please keep in mind that colors on a monitor may vary slightly from how they appear in person or how they display on a viewing device to another due to the color calibration of your device or monitor. For the most visually stunning final results, I recommend printing the pages using high-quality paper, such as card stock.

The worksheets in the packet include:

Hierarchy of needs:
This worksheet is meant to teach you the seven basic human needs. This hierarchy is to be used as a reference when you are struggling with meeting your needs. The lowest level should be fulfilled first and the highest level should be fulfilled last. The hierarchy shows that in order to achieve self-fulfillment, basic human needs must be met.

Check your battery:
This worksheet is to help you decipher how you are feeling. This can be used during a specific moment or as a general impression of your entire day. This worksheet is meant to help you track your energy levels.

Daily mental health log:
This worksheet is meant to be filled out every day. It includes an overview of intention setting, brain dumping, gratitude, and more!

Habit tracker:
This worksheet is for you to track your habits. It includes check boxes as well as spaces to write out your habits and goals! This sheet can be used to either add a new habit into your daily life or lose a habit that you no longer want in your life.

Habit tracking education:
This worksheet is meant to teach you about habit tracking. It includes a list of habits as well as a space for you to write how you would like to track that habit and why. It is recommended that you choose one habit and elaborate on that specific habit. Of course, you can always download more than one copy so you can track more than one habit if you would like!

Monthly mood tracker:
This worksheet is meant to help you track your mood over the course of a month. It is color-coordinated based on different moods. Your goal is to choose a mood that encaptures your day and color in the box with the corresponding color. It is recommended that you fill out all of the boxes over the course of a month so you can visually see how you felt during the month. Of course, you can make copies of this worksheet to be used for different months.

Setting intentions:
This worksheet is meant to help you set your intentions. This is a great resource so you can have the opportunity of listing all of your intentions and goals in one place that you can refer back to!

Sleep tracker:
This worksheet is meant to help you track your sleep. If you have an inconsistent sleep schedule, this worksheet will be perfect for you. It includes spaces to write the date, amount of sleep, and if you took any naps that day. The purpose of this worksheet is for you to visually see how much you are sleeping and help you decipher if there is anything specific that could be impacting your sleep schedule!

Today I accomplished:
This worksheet is a space for you to write down all of the things that you have accomplished. Don’t be afraid to praise yourself! You deserve it!

Trigger tracker:
This worksheet is meant to help you track and decipher your triggers. It includes spaces for you to write down what happened, what you felt, and how you reacted. The purpose of this sheet is to help you learn your triggers and visually see how you handled the situation. It is recommended that you download multiple copies of this worksheet as one sheet encompasses one event. By downloading and filling out different copies whenever you get triggered, you will be able to see how you are learning to react differently!

Daily reflection:
This worksheet is meant to help you reflect on your day. It includes a space for you to track the overall emotion you were feeling on a particular day as well as a space to track what you were proud of that day and positive moments to remember.

Weekly mood tracker:
This worksheet is meant to help you track your mood on a daily basis. After the course of one week, you can visually see what your week looked like and decide what intentions you would like to set to make next week even better!

Habit Tracking Workbook