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PTSD and Trauma

Helping You Become Whole Again

The effects of trauma can last a lifetime, touching every aspect of our lives.


There are as many possible forms of trauma as there are individual life stories, but all traumas damage your ability to feel safe in the world and comfortable in your own body and mind.


Trauma may cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but a person does not need to meet all PTSD criteria for trauma to have an effect. Some symptoms of PTSD or trauma include:

  • Flashbacks or intrusive memories of traumatic events

  • Avoidance of trauma reminders

  • Nightmares or sleep disturbance

  • Hypervigilance, or feeling always on-edge

  • Depressed or altered mood

  • Numbing

  • Emotional volatility

  • Dissociation or feelings of detachment or unreality

  • Physical pain or worsening of pain from other causes

  • Unhealthy relationships or trouble connecting with others

  • Risk-taking behaviors

While traumatic events can create havoc in your life and damage your ability to feel safe and whole, our work at Bodhi has taught us that there is hope for healing even after severe or complex trauma. Our therapists use a trauma-informed approach to create a safe space for healing and incorporate techniques including EMDR, somatic, CBT, DBT, narrative, and person-centered therapies to support clients on their healing journey.


If you’re ready to heal from your past and restore your ability to be fully present in your life, contact us today for a free consultation.

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