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Are you an Introvert? Do you struggle with anxiety? There's a connection!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Today I'm going to talk about how being an introvert and not caring for your introverted nature can lead to anxiety. The biological fact is that introverts are wired differently than extroverts. Our brain's reward center responds differently than an extroverts. That's not good or bad - it just is. But! It takes a real toll if we don't acknowledge and honor our needs

I work with a lot of people who struggle with anxiety. I find three common reasons anxiety is present. The first is genetics/learned behavior. When your mom spends hours telling little you why it's not scary to go on the plane - you'll probably end of scared of flying.

The second reason is trauma. When you spend your childhood scanning your house/neighborhood for danger, it makes sense that you struggle with anxiety when your brain knows there is always the potential for danger around every corner.

The third reason is being an introvert but trying to live life like an extrovert. (Spoiler alert - it can lead to anxiety!)

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