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Soothing Grounding Script

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Now we're going to try soothing grounding. Let's start with favorites. Think of your favorite color. What color is it? Good. Think of your favorite animal. What animal is it? Good. Think of your favorite flower. What flower is it? Think of your favorite T.V. show, movie or book. Think of your favorite activity. What activity is it? Good. Now, think of your favorite season of the year. What season is it? Think of your favorite day of the week. What day of the week is it? Think of your favorite time of the day. What time of day is it? Now think of a favorite person. It can be someone you know or it could be a famous person or even a fictional character. Picture that person. Good! If you want to, think of a favorite, upbeat song and try to remember the tune and the words. Take a few minutes to think of (or actually listen to) the song.

Now try to think of a safe or calm place. Still keeping your eyes open, think of a place that is very safe, soothing and calming for you. Maybe the beach, the mountains, a walk in the city, a favorite room or a park. It can be somewhere you've been or an imaginary place. If you can't think of a safe place, that's okay too - just let yourself notice this room, since you're safe here. Good. Now try to notice everything you can about your safe place. Notice everything you love about it - the colors, the textures, the shapes, the smells and the sounds. Notice the safety and calm of the place. Again, take your time picturing your safe place. A few minutes at least. Good.

Other examples of soothing ground are:

  • Put together a folder of photos that make you happy on your phone.

  • Put a positive image on the lock screen of your phone.

  • Music is powerful! Make yourself a playlist of positive songs.

  • Watch that favorite movie that always makes you smile.

  • Print out and complete the ABC's of Gratitude worksheet.

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