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5 Reasons Why Premarital Counseling is Helpful

1. Opens up communication

Premarital counseling allows you and your partner to explore different ways of communicating than you have before! Even if you and your partner have great communication, it’s always helpful to have multiple “tools” on your communication “toolbelt”. It also allows for the opportunity to revisit important topics, such as personal dreams, family and personal goals, and aligned (or not) values.

2. You may have missed something

Premarital counseling focuses on having conversations about those big questions. Do you want to have children? What do you think your family will look like as you grow older? What are your plans for finances in the future? Oftentimes, you and your partner have probably discussed those topics before. However, premarital counseling offers a space to dive deeply into those conversations with someone who can offer up ideas and tips on how to communicate those desires effectively.

3. Learning tips for a healthy relationship

What better place to learn about tips for a healthy relationship than in premarital counseling? Premarital counseling offers you an opportunity to learn things about how to argue more effectively, how to listen to one another more, and how to spend time with each other more intimately! This is the place to air out your concerns and allow you and your partner to explore a variety of topics with the guidance of a professional.

4. Vulnerability with your partner

In addition to learning and conversing, premarital counseling offers a way for you and your partner to connect more deeply. Often, conversations about the way we are feeling or other emotions are brought up at times of conflict or discomfort. Premarital counseling provides a space for you and your partner to discuss your feelings for each other and surrounding various topics in a healthy and inviting atmosphere.

5. Prepares you for marriage, not the wedding

Premarital counseling offers a different perspective of marriage than many others will share. Sometimes, people share only the positive aspects of their relationship. Many people will reminisce about the bliss of their wedding night, but forget to mention the fight they had about the dishes last week. Premarital counseling gives you real education about marriage patterns and statistics, while also providing you with new and exciting tools to navigate “the married life” with your partner! Premarital counseling focuses on giving you the tools to smooth the road bumps that will inevitably happen during marriage!

If you and your partner are interested in premarital counseling, our therapist Shelby Murtagh specializes in working with couple relationships! You can reach her at 217-731-4638 or

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