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Dear teachers and healthcare professionals,

Many of us never imagined a pandemic would occur within our lifetime. While it has been exceptionally hard, we want to take a moment to recognize our teachers and healthcare professionals.

Showing up every day without a pandemic can be challenging enough. Adding in ever changing mask and vaccine mandates, constant uncertainty, extensive hours, all while trying to take care of your own mental health can be difficult.

To our lovely teachers: You are guiding the next generations through a monumental time. Burnout and stress may be on your mind but know that what you’re doing is not going unnoticed. You are directly shaping our future generations and children and are part of the beauty and growth of these children. Dealing with children every day with masks, families with a lot of questions, administration changing their minds due to updated guidelines, trying to teach on zoom, on top of normal curriculum, is a lot to handle. This has been so difficult, but we are so thankful for all that you are giving to our children. You make a difference every day, and we know it is not easy, but you are doing exceptional work.

To our exceptional healthcare professionals: So many of you have been at the frontline of the pandemic. Taking on extra hours, lending a hand, adjusting lifestyles to continue working. As a healthcare professional, we see you each day. You are helping someone, or multiple people day in and day out, and times have not been easy. With the struggles of getting PPE, having hospitals in overflow, a surplus of people reaching out for help, and feeling pulled in different directions. We want to extend extreme gratitude towards your constant dedication to go out into an uncertain world and continue to do your job in the world of healthcare. Thank you for all you have done and all you will continue to do.

While whatever category your job falls under—thank you for showing up every single day. We know it may or has impacted getting to see your family and friends, but you are making a difference. You’re helping those that need it and putting yourself at risk to help others. You are selfless, exceptional, hardworking, and we really cannot thank you all enough.

Please remember how important you are as well. While it may be second nature for you to put others first, take extra time and put yourself first. Your mental health matters, really checking in on yourself matters, and talking to others matters. Have those hard conversations not only with yourself, but those you work alongside and those you care about. These times are anything but forgiving, and we want to remind you how important each and every one of you all are. The world needs you, and if you’re in a time of need, please reach out for help. Be honest with yourself and others about how you are truly feeling because I promise you are not alone.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what to do, consider reaching out for a consultation.

And again, thank you for helping others in these trying times. You are amazing. You are appreciated. You are loved. You are cared for. You matter.


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